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Please note the following safety requirements for visitors:

  • All visitors to our building who are eligible for inoculation must be fully vaccinated. Members may provide verbal confirmation of this. Guests who are not members may be asked to show proof of vaccination.

  • Masks are optional at public events when CDC transmission levels are Low (green).


  • Masks are required when transmission levels are Medium (yellow) or High (orange).

Enter Michigan and Oakland County to see current levels in the area of our congregation:

  • Those who are unable to be vaccinated - due solely to medical reasons - may contact the office to make advance arrangements for socially distanced participation at certain public gatherings; email or call 248.477.1410.


  • These policies are displayed at all entrances.



* Vendors who are unvaccinated MUST wear a mask in the building. The congregation reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone who is unvaccinated.

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