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The Congregation for Humanistic Judaism is committed to lifelong learning that encourages Jewish cultural literacy and an exploration of Humanistic values. We regard the Torah and other Jewish texts as human literature that reflects the interests and concerns of those who wrote or interpreted them. Classes are a privilege of membership! Guests are welcome to try them out...please contact the congregation office to make arrangements.




Unrolling Judaism

Rabbi Jeffrey Falick

Mondays, 1pm (Zoom)

Over the course of several sessions, Rabbi Falick provides an in-depth examination of traditional Jewish concepts, texts, and practices. It's all presented from an historically accurate point of view that is both sensitive to the beliefs of those who still hold fast to the ideas and observances and relevant to those seeking a more critical approach.


Parshat Ha-Shavua - The Weekly Torah Portion

Rabbi Jeffrey Falick

Saturdays, 10am (Zoom)

Join Rabbi Falick for a weekly study of the Torah portion that is read each week throughout the Jewish world. If you've ever wanted to know more about the Torah, this is a great place to start!

Mussar Café

Dr. Bruce Hillenberg

Various Thursdays, 11am (consult calendar or newsletter), In-Person Only

Mussar is a traditional Jewish path of character trait development that includes the study of classical and contemporary Jewish Literature. As presented at CHJ, the practice and study of Mussar is interpreted through a humanistic (non-theistic) perspective.


Jewish History Seminars

Natan Fuchs, Humanistic Jewish Madrich (Leader) & Scholar

Check Temple Calendar for Sessions

Join Natan for an in-depth look at Jewish history.

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