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For Humanistic Jews, Shabbat is a time to slow down, connect to our Jewish heritage and consider how we can become better human beings.


Every Friday evening our community gathers for a Shabbat celebration at 7pm in our Meeting Room. Our celebrations are followed by an Oneg Shabbat ("Rejoicing in Shabbat") gathering in our Family Room where members and guests meet informally with new friends and old.


Each Shabbat celebration is different, although the structure from week to week is similar. Included as regular components of our services are:


  • Songs from traditional Jewish sources (sometimes updated to more appropriately express our Humanistic values). 


  • Modern, contemporary music in English, Hebrew and Yiddish.


  • Meditational literature drawing on the works of of great thinkers throughout history that help us focus, define our philosophy, and strengthen the bonds with our congregation.


  • A memorial and candle lighting that allow us to remember our loved ones and honor those who have influenced our lives.


  • A wide range of presentations by Rabbi Falick and distinguished guest speakers that range from informational to inspirational.


Please join us. All are welcome!


Family Shabbat Service
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