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A wedding ceremony is an opportunity to share the joy of a couple’s commitment with friends and family. Over the last five decades, the rabbis of our congregation have officiated at thousands of weddings.
Every couple comes to the experience with their own unique desires and expectations. Humanistic Jewish wedding ceremonies highlight the commitment and dignity of each couple, tailoring wedding ceremonies to meet the couple’s needs. As they plan their ceremony, couples have the opportunity to include elements of Jewish culture and other rituals or practices that have meaning to them.


Guided by our human-centered (nontheistic) philosophy, Rabbi Falick does not use "God-language" in his ceremonies; the familiar blessings are recomposed to reflect this approach. However, a couple is welcome to invite friends or family to participate in the ceremony with music, readings, thoughts or reflections from any belief system or tradition. These issues are comfortably addressed when preparing a ceremony with Rabbi Falick.

Committed to the dignity and equality of all people, Rabbi Falick gladly facilitates wedding ceremonies between two loving adults of any gender or orientation and from any heritage or tradition. Rabbi Falick is also happy to co-officiate with celebrants from other religious and cultural traditions.
While many couples choose to celebrate their weddings at hotels, banquet halls and similar facilities, Our congregation's building makes a lovely and affordable location for any wedding, large or small. There are no catering restrictions and arrangements can be made with the our office.


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