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The birth or adoption of a child is a genuine cause for celebration. It is also a wonderful time for families to acknowledge their heritage and connect to time-honored traditions. 


As an egalitarian movement, Humanistic Judaism welcomes boys and girls in similar ways.  Our ceremonies acknowledge the awesome responsibility that parents take upon themselves by raising children. They also show appreciation for the crucial role of the loved ones, friends and community who support all children. 


Our events welcome a child into the family and the Jewish community. Families with blended backgrounds and attachments will find that our ceremonies are inclusive and accepting, respecting the diversity of all heritages. Our ceremonies also honor the variety found in contemporary family life, including single parents and those who are part of the LGBTQ community. 


Typical service elements include the formal bestowal of a name, reflections on community and family ties, expressions of support and blessings. We often include updated and relevant versions of traditional Jewish elements and even those from other cultures. In this way we celebrate the child’s entire heritage whether exclusively Jewish or inclusive of other family backgrounds. 


(Note on Circumcision: Rabbi Falick and the Congregation for Humanistic Judaism do not facilitate ceremonies that include circumcision. Parents who choose to do so are requested to make separate arrangements.)




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