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Humanistic Judaism celebrates Jewish life while putting our faith in human reason and human power as the best vehicles for improving the world.

Humanistic Judaism offers a connection to Jewish identity and community for people who identify as “just Jewish,” culturally Jewish, “Jew-ish,” “Jewish and . . .,” “half-Jewish,” multicultural, “not religious,” secular, humanistic, atheist and/or agnostic.

Humanistic Judaism provides an inclusive home for Jews and their families from multicultural households, LGBTQ+, partial Jewish heritage, and anyone who embraces our unique approach to being Jewish. 

Our congregation makes it easy to join! Our membership model is designed to remove all of the traditional obstacles and barriers associated with congregational memberships.

Instead, we ask our members to make an annual pledge of their choice to support our community and the message of Humanistic Judaism. And membership includes all adult AND youth education, including B'nei Mitzvah!

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