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Click on the Adam Society Logo to go to Google Drive. Use the download logo in the upper right to receive a zip file of all the Adam Society documents.

The Adam Society is our congregation’s program where you can create a vital legacy in your estate-planning efforts. There is no minimum gift required for becoming a member of the Adam Society. All Adam Society member names are permanently enshrined in the congregation's records and, with your approval, are periodically published for all to see.

When you click on the Adam Society Logo you will download a zip file filled detailed information that will help answer many questions about how you can include the Temple in your end-of-life instructions to ensure your personal values are reflected.

You will learn that almost every method of gifting our congregation does not mean you have to immediately write a check or transfer funds to the congregation. The enclosed materials suggests various ways to leave a bequest, and includes some sample language you can add to existing Wills and similar documents to help simplify the process.


If you have questions about any of these materials, or need additional information, we urge you to contact our Executive Director Ann Marie Fisher at 248.477.1410, or at She can connect you with a wealth management advisor and an attorney who specializes in estate planning. Initial consultation with either professional is available at no cost.

Regardless of where you are in your estate planning process, especially if you have not yet begun it, you are encouraged to get assistance from your own personal attorney or financial councilor before making a commitment to joining the Adam Society.

Thank you for considering this critically important program!

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